Together with ROBOASIS, we developed a marketplace for robots in the USA

🏆 Good news! Our company, together with ROBOASIS, has developed and launched an online store for robots and robotics! The company is registered in the USA and operates in America (but worldwide delivery is possible). The company is just starting its activity and collecting a range of products (robotics), so if you are a manufacturer or seller of robots, then you have the opportunity to place your products on the showcase of this marketplace and sell robots in the USA. The company also has warehouses in New York and Texas, which will allow some of the products to be placed in their warehouses.
Here are a few words about their activities:
Welcome to our online robotics store, where we offer a wide variety of robots to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for robots for public places, such as cleaning and security robots, or construction robots for building and renovation, we’ve got you covered.

For those in the education sector, we offer robots designed specifically for students, providing hands-on learning opportunities in coding, engineering, and other STEM fields. Medical robots can also be found here, assisting healthcare professionals in tasks such as surgery and patient care.

In the hospitality industry, our robots for restaurants can help with food preparation and delivery, while our logistics robots can aid in efficient warehouse and inventory management. We also offer agricultural and livestock robots for farmers, helping to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Our industrial robots are ideal for manufacturing and production lines, while our robots for the power and nuclear industries can assist with maintenance and inspection tasks in hazardous environments. Additionally, we have robots for diagnostics and monitoring, as well as delivery and cargo transportation.

Our selection includes UAVs of wide application, industrial exoskeletons for heavy lifting, and underwater robots for marine exploration and research. For the service industry, we offer robots for entertainment and cleaning.

If you’re looking to integrate robots into your home, we have options for banking, home security, and cleaning. Robotics for kids can also be found here, offering fun and educational options for children.

At our online store, you can also find components and technologies for robots, as well as software to program and control them. We believe that robotics will play a significant role in shaping the future, and we’re committed to providing the best products and services to make that a reality. Shop with us today and discover the exciting possibilities of robotics.

It will be possible to buy and sell robots of the following types:
All robots
Robots for public places
Construction robots
Robots for Education
Medical robots
Robots for restaurants
Industrial robots
Agricultural robots
Livestock robots
Special purpose robots
Logistic robots
Transport of the future
Robots of energy and nuclear industry
Delivery and transportation robots
UAV of wide application
Industrial exoskeletons
Underwater robots
Service Robotics
Robots for entertainment
Cleaning robots
Robots for sports
Robots for banking
Robots for the home
Robotics for kids
Robot components
Diagnostic and monitoring robots
Robot components
Software for robots

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