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Vlog 1

17 ошибок и советы при открытии ИТ-Компании

Выпуск про советы для начинающих предпринимателей которые открывают свою ит-компанию. Генеральный директор компании «ITCAPITAL» Олег Николаевич, рассказывает про ошибки которые не стоит допускать в открытии ит-бизнеса. Это ТОП 17 ошибок которые разрушают бизнесы и не дают быстро и верно рости компаниям. Также в конце данного выпуска мы для Вас разыграем подарки.
Vlog 2
Информация о профессии IT Sales-Manager
В выпуске информация про профессию IT Sales Manager. Глобальный обзор и детальная информация о менеджере по продажам, ИТ продуктов. В выпуске говорим о том сколько зарабатывает сейлз, работая в ИТ компании, какие обычно условия на данной профессии предлагают компании, рассказываем как сделать старт своей карьеры в сфере ИТ через профессию Sales Manager. Также презентуем наш авторский курс от школы ITCAPITAL SCHOOL и рассказываем о способе как трудоустроится в ИТ компанию, почти любому желающему работать в данной сфере. Информация будет полезна для новичков которые хотят сделать свой Страт в ИТ, еще для фрилансеров чтобы увеличить свои личные продажи и для ит-бизнесменов которые смогут внедрить информацию внутри своей компании.
Vlog 3

История жизни CEO компании ITCAPITAL

Моя личная история жизни. Как заработал первые деньги в 4 года. Как поменял 23 работы до 21 года. Как делал первые шаги. Как сделал переезд в другой город. Как запустил 10+ бизнес-проектов до 24 лет (Информация по актуальности записана на 2019 год), до 2021 года проектов добавилось, в том числе моя любимая компанию ITCAPITAL, ITCAPITAL SCHOOL и еще несколько проектов.
Vlog 4

Информация как запустить бизнес, пошаговый план

Благодаря этому видео научитесь запускать бизнес. Руководство из 5 авторских шагов по открытию своего дела. Информация взята из личной рабочей практики. Плюс бонусная информация о запуске моего проекта которым я раньше занимался, запуск был без денег и без опыта в нише, но с огромным желанием и мотивацией + хотелось кушать. Я рассказал историю своего раннего проекта. Это видео обязательно к просмотру для людей которые только думают о запуске собственного дела, информация в видео поможет в виде путеводителя по ключевым действиям для успешного старта и превращения себя в предпринимателя, бизнесмена и инвестора.
Text blog 5

The most unusual robots in the world

Back in 1920, the Czech playwright Karel Čapek introduced the term "robot" into the play "Rossum Universal Robots". And since then, not a single creation of human hands has evoked so much admiration mixed with fear.

EcoBot III - is the third in this series. It is developed at the Bristol Robotics laboratory in Bristol. No outlets or batteries required. EcoBot III is powered by any organic matter. He can independently find "fuel" and refuel and work at one such "filling" for up to 7 days.

The robot plays rock-paper-scissors - scientists from Tokyo have developed a hand that plays rock-paper-scissors and hits people with a 100% guarantee. This is achieved through high-speed vision and instant recognition of hand configuration.

Robot Mannequin - Buying clothes of the right size and model takes a long time. To save time, you can order clothes from the online store. But purchased over the Internet may not work. To facilitate online shopping, Estonian engineers have developed a mannequin shaped like a human body. By specifying your parameters on the site, you can try on the item you like and see how it suits the buyer.

SpotMini Robot Dog - In 2016, Boston Dynamics introduced a four-legged friend to the world. SpotMini can move on its own, avoid obstacles, climb and descend stairs and open doors. SpotMini sees its surroundings using a 3D vision system. The main task of this robot is to guard the house. The creators are confident that he will soon be able to replace the living guards.

Albert Hubo - Today there are many humanoid robots: this is the polymath Sophia and the Geminoid DK, created in the image of Henrik Scharf (a teacher from Aalborg University in Denmark), and even a small model of the AIST robot, but one of the most unusual. this is the robot Albert Hubo. This is because the robot has the body of the humanoid HUBO robot, and the head is a copy (and good) of the scientist Albert Einstein. The design allows the robot to move freely, speak, and the presence of 35 joints on the head makes it possible to naturally express emotions. #ITCAPITAL #itcapit #it #technology #facts #robots #AI
Text blog 6

TOP 4 - Technological business ideas of the future that can be earned in 2020-2030

1. Refueling and charging drones stationary and in the air.
The flying drone market will expand exponentially, and the use of aircraft will reach incredible and sometimes paradoxical heights. Therefore, it is assumed that even the delivery of children to parents from the hospital will be carried out by special stork drones. Not to mention the delivery of postal parcels and orders from online stores.

2. Service station of transformers, droids, other robotics.
With the increase in the number of robotic vacuum cleaners, the service will become the most widespread service. Mobile gadget repair shops will grow into huge corporations to repair transformers, cyborgs, and other robotic furniture. It makes sense to enter now and take your market share, or wait and then enter that market with investments and a clear plan for growth.

3. Growing bio-asphalt.
The most stable type of business, which sometimes overtakes the arms and drug business - "patching" road repairs, will be destroyed by the latest technologies for growing bio-asphalt. The slogan of that time will be the motto "Sow the asphalt near the house." It is assumed that the asphalt mowing manager may become a new profession in the future. But so far there is no exact cheap technology for creating such asphalt - so who will be the first to become a billionaire.

4. Creation of an airport for flying equipment - drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, the creation of these vehicles for rent both in a mass commercial format and on a one-time basis to serve large online stores and other goods related to delivery. You can make good money on renting this equipment.

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Text blog 7

20 interesting facts related to the world of IT technologies

1. In the Himalayas (southwest China), there is a red panda. In English it is called "Firefox". This word inspired the creators of the popular browser ... but for some reason they put a red fox on the logo, not a panda. ⠀
2. The very first Apple logo depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The apple is hanging over him, about to fall. ⠀
3. In 2009, Google rented ... goats from the California pasture! What for? They are very effective in controlling weeds on the lawn spread around the headquarters of the corporation for good. ⠀
4. Microsoft founder Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. This, however, did not stop him from creating the world's most popular operating system for computers and one of the richest IT companies on Earth. ⠀
5. But Gates' house was designed using a Macintosh computer. ⠀
6. Compact discs (CDs) are read from the inner circle to the outer and written exactly the opposite. ⠀
7. You cannot reverse a Bitcoin transaction. On the other hand, no one will force you to pay either.
8. The average computer user blinks 7 times per minute. Normal speed is 12 times per minute.
9. The compositor's fingers run on average 20 km per day. ⠀
10. The world's first alarm clock rang only at 4 am.
11. World Computer Security Day is celebrated annually on 30 November. ⠀
12. It took radio 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million listeners, TV 13 years, iPod 3 years. ⠀
13. Skype is officially blocked in China.
14. Text from the screen is read 10% slower than from paper. ⠀
15. The average age of a player in the United States is 35 years. ⠀
16. Surgeons raised on video games make 37% fewer mistakes. ⠀
17. Electronic mail predates the Internet. ⠀
18. The very first Internet domain (site name) was and was registered on 15 March 1985. ⠀
19. The first person in the world to be arrested for spreading spam was Anthony Greco in 2005.
20. All letter combinations from to are already registered.
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Text blog 8

Post 1/6 - Theme, Why is the IT Service Business?

For example, a CPM system?
You make sales, for example, 100 sellers work for you, many tables, instant messengers, calls in one place, SMS in another place, sales analytics from an almost fantastic world, customers are recorded in tables, managers give comments to customers in their discretion, which they then they don't understand, they forget to call customers back, they also forget about customers and stop working with them, reports are not submitted, it is difficult to determine what the manager does at his workplace.

- Solution: 1. Drop everything. 2. Hire an assistant / manager who will take on part of the load. 3. Implement a CPM system that will concentrate everything in one place, sort customers by categories, automatically remind customers what to call, create full information about working with a client (when and to whom the seller called, the conversation is recorded with the client and the seller, which products and the client wants to receive services now and in the future, even after 5 years he will inform that the client is ready to receive these services or goods, he will draw up a mailing list for buyers and at the end statistics of the working day will be displayed for each seller and his effectiveness, as well as statistics on to all 100 sellers)

What is the end result?)
- It is easy to understand that increasing sales, increasing company revenues, increasing company capitalization.
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Post 2/6 - Topic: Do you need IT services for business?

You thought your business was always in the pocket of your customers?

- It's quite simple to do ... 1 application on your mobile phone and imagine what opportunities this opens up for your business? What is the ideal communication with the client can be customized? Sell what you need and at the same time do it without annoying mailing or instant messaging, when people usually click on spam. And it sounds great that a business has a mobile app.

If in fact, then the application is necessary in the following cases:
a) Improving the image of the company - the presence of a high-quality mobile application shows customers that your business is keeping up with the times and that you are counting on a long-term partnership.
b) To stand out from the competition - many companies still use the traditional channels of promotion and communication with customers - advertising, flyers, SMS notifications.
c) Raise customer loyalty to a new level - with the application you can conduct various loyalty programs, encouraging your old customers. Instead of club and bonus cards that the client may forget or lose, he will use a smartphone with your mobile application, which is always at hand.
d) A new level of service - notifications in the applications will help your customers to keep abreast of all the news, promotions and events of your company, they will allow you not to miss the most important and monitor the progress of your order.
e) Work in the interests of target consumers - the application contains people who are already interested in the services of your business.
f) Increase sales - now your business is in the client's pocket. You are constantly in touch and can apply various types of stimulation of purchases.
d) To achieve constant communication with the client - you will have a unified system of communication channels with consumers.

Will the application pay off? This is a separate topic for business. If you approach the problem of numbers and imagination, a 95% chance of a solution will be successful and bring a new level of sales.
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Post 3/6 - Topic: Do you need IT services for business?

"Integrated Internet Marketing - How to Determine When It Is Needed and What Is All It For?"

What does internet marketing consist of?

a) SMM promotion is an effective way to attract an audience through social networks, blogs, forums, communities. Social media marketing is the most promising method of promoting any business in the 21st century, because the whole world is digitized and hosted on social networks.

b) SEO-promotion is, in fact, free traffic that comes to your site using the previously defined keywords, for example, "Buy a children's bike", and on Google, the first page displays sites that have a certain word. metadata, but SEO is not just a collection of words, but also an analysis of ranking algorithms in search engines to identify key ranking factors, tracking innovation in search engines;
analysis of current demand (statistics of search queries, site visits by topic);
compiling a list of promoted queries (semantic core);
work to improve the site itself (internal optimization);
work to increase the citation of the site and the number of its links on the network (external optimization);
work on the analysis of user behavior on the site and on the results pages (improvement of behavioral factors);
tracking results (positions on target requests, traffic) and making adjustments to the current scheme of work.

c) Contextual advertising is, in fact, advertising that shows your future customers your product in the format of native interest (if the customer was previously interested in buying a bicycle, then sites and search engines will show him advertising related to bicycles and accessories), this also includes remarketing - when a client visits your site, looks at a product or service and logs out, he will still be on other sites that he visits, ads from your site will display ads about a product or service viewed on your site (simple reminder words). #itcapital#it#technology#marketing#insta#instalike#like#instagood#itcompany#soe#google#smm#context
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Post 4/6 - AI - Artificial Intelligence is the eighth miracle in the world that helps bring business to the next level.

- AI is scientific knowledge and technologies for creating intelligent machines, programs, services, applications. AI allows you to perform functions that are considered a human prerogative.
"AI can be used to optimize sales, conduct analytics, collect data, and even sell business services to customers instead of a salesperson.

Types of AI?
a) Machine learning
Machine learning (ML) allows the system to draw conclusions and find relationships, rather than following rigidly defined rules. Used in speech recognition, gesture recognition, teaching, diagnostics, prediction, classification and more.

b) Neural networks
Such a network is a kind of machine learning methods. A neural network is a way of self-learning, using experience and constantly improving. Neurons allow you to recognize images, speech, videos, as well as create new ones, for example, write poetry or draw pictures.

c) RPA and working bots
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next level of business process automation - robotization. The so-called "software robots" perform routine work, optimizing the work of staff. Bots can play the role of an assistant or a business person - organize a working day, prepare documents, track employees' working hours, and much more.

d) chatbots and speech understanding
The main role of chatbots is to improve customer service and free employees from routine operations. This is a support service, call center, sales consultants, waiters, personal secretaries, translators and much more. Understanding speech gives him the ability to think, communicate and be available to the user anywhere and anytime.

In which area is it already used today:
Banking and Finance, Trade, Exchanges, Accounting, Market Research and Marketing, Human Resources and Recruiting, News and Email, Customer Support, Industry, Medicine, Underwriting, Telecommunications, Transport, Security, Music, Games, Real Estate, Service.

AI is a very flexible solution, it is best to consult with experts to understand the need for AI and make a decision.
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Post 5/6 - Site for a company?

Have you heard this saying: "If your business is not on the Internet, it is a matter of time before your business completely disappears"?

"In 2020, the discussion on this topic even seems strange, because all people know what this site is for, but we will try to explain it in simple terms."

1. Online store - its definition is clear here - the site itself is a business, therefore this business model involves the creation of the most convenient and high-quality site that will be fast, understandable, convenient, easy to use and will attract new customers. and make maximum sales.
2. There is a category of sites (the so-called business card site) when the site is not a business
and is intended to acquaint your potential audience with you or your company.
3. A corporate site is usually a complex site where you can get all the information you need,
watch a video, study and order. Such a site, as a rule, each at the same time is the face of the
company, it is the source, clients, this is the image, this is an integral part of the business.
- Sites can play completely different roles, depending on the task at hand, the implementation
of the site is a separate task. You can create anything, it will be a virtual reality site or video hosting,
or maybe it will be something like Google, it is important to understand why you need this.

- The site is the face of the company, the source of traffic, the business, the identity of the company, the business card, the attraction of personnel, the image of the company. If the site is missing or your site is visually and technically outdated, do not put it off and make a decision as soon as possible before your business starts dying because of this seemingly small thing.

A good website is the key to a successful business.

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Post 6/6 - VR / AR Technologies

VR / AR Technologies - Whereas previously we viewed this in films as science fiction, now it is a workable and doable solution. Now you can create an entire virtual reality world in which you can interact.

What is VR / AR Technologies and why are they in business?

VR - Virtual Reality (VR) is a created computer world, which can be accessed using immersive devices - helmets, gloves, headphones. The virtual environment completely replaces the real world in which the user can influence it, immersing himself, for example, in a video game.
AR - Augmented Reality (AR). People can get more information from their augmented reality devices or applications.
This is already a complete course of application in computer games and attractions, in which you can conduct a virtual operation with your own hands, teach, do everything possible to see (a virtual house, the interior of this house, change the style of a salon, walk, communicate with him). interior items, etc.)
These technologies are a future that is only approaching and gaining momentum in full swing - much is hidden behind virtual reality, and many large companies have already created and deployed these technologies for their own purposes.
For example: you are building a real physical residential building - your apartment building is already built on a virtual basis, the client comes to your sales department, puts on glasses and can already walk around the territory, walk to the front door, enter the apartment, choose a design, go to the gym, in which there is everything that does not yet exist - but the client already sees it and interacts with him. Then the client buys an apartment.

Result after implementation
VR / AR - Technology in Business?
1) Improving customer service.
2) Increase in sales due to an unusual approach.
3) Ability to show what is not.
4) Create a wow effect for customers.
5) Differences from competitors.
6) Profit growth.
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Text blog 14

Короткий путь по открытию карьеры в ИТ сфере

Как устроится на работу в ИТ компанию или начать свое ИТ дело даже если Вы находитесь в регионе, в небольшом городе или в маленьком селе, в стране Украина, Россия или Казахстан, возможно Белоруссии или в другой точке мира?

Стоит начать с продаж. Это максимально короткий и упрощенный путь зайти в данную сферу, потому-что продажником Вы сможете устроится удаленно на работу в ИТ компанию и работать зарабатывая деньги (средний уровень з/п от 500$+ хорошие успешные продажники с бонусами и процентами получают 5000$+). В продажах Вы сможете досконально изучить ИТ сферу и ИТ продукты а также разобраться в данном направлении. После позиции связанной с продажами открыты дороги гораздо шире в сфере ИТ, можете развиваться в продажах, в менеджменте или в разработках.

Мы с этой целью подготовили курс обучения IT Sales Manager чтобы любой даже без опыта человек мог пройти и устроится в ит компанию. Курс еще предполагает в себе трудоустройство в ит-компанию (в нашу или в другую). Цена курса самая доступная на рынке и составляет всего 100 долларов, которые Вы окупите в 5 раз в первый же месяц работы в ИТ компании. Чтобы посмотреть информацию по курсу зайдите на наш сайт, далее перейдите в раздел ITCAPITAL School и изучите информацию, обязательно посмотрите видео информацию от Генерального Директора по данному курсу, видео даст вам наиболее полную и понятную информацию по сфере ит и продажам в данной сфере.

Вам любви и процветания!

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Vlog 15

Acquaintance with companies "ITCapital" and its CEO

Hello! Let's get acquainted. We are an IT company and we are engaged in computer Internet technologies that help people grow their business, but more on that later. I will tell you about the company and about myself.
My story:
- My name is Oleg ( Олег Николаевич ) and I come from Ukriana. - Since childhood, I love the computer for its endless possibilities. As a child, I assembled computers, disassembled them, hacked, repaired, created light programs and the like, it was my hobby.
- When I grew up, I started looking for myself and went through a big school with 23 different jobs until I was 21, then until I was 26, I started 16 business projects from scratch, and, in general, thanks to this I got a unique experience, this experience helps me a lot in life.
- Now I have several projects successfully working, one of which is an elite real estate agency + a training school, as well as a YouTube channel "Люди Бизнеса", which is for the soul.
- In almost all of my enterprises, I faced the problem of obtaining IT services: the development of a specific task for a business is either very expensive, or there is no understanding among specialists who can provide such services, or even negligence on their part.
- This is how ITCapital was born - to provide services efficiently and at an affordable price, and most importantly - with an understanding of people and their needs in a human way.
Now let's talk about the company.
What services can I get from ITCAPITAL?
1. Full development of mobile applications (IOS, Android)
2. Website development
- (One-page websites, Business card website, Corporate websites of any complexity, Online store, Website technical support)
3. Software development
- (Management programs, CRM, Databases, Analytical programs, Business process automation, cloud solutions and others)
4. Marketing (setting and maintenance) - SEO-Optimization, SMM-Promotion in social networks, Contextual advertising in Google.
5. Development of solutions related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
6. Development of a project using augmented reality technology (AR / VR / 3D).
The rest of the development and implementation tasks are discussed individually, depending on the competencies of our team.
To discuss your project, determine the price, the possibility of implementation - contact our specialist.
ITCAPITAL is a creative team with an entrepreneurial approach, united by one interest: "today is better than yesterday", so we will always be at the top.
We work in an international format with almost all countries of the world 24/7/365. and other countries.
On behalf of myself and on behalf of ITCAPITAL, I wish you great human happiness, good health to you and your loved ones, and all the very best in life! See you later! Come back to us with a smile!
And share this video with your relatives and friends, perhaps we will be very useful to someone, and you will do them a good deed.

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Text blog 16

Сертификат после обучение в нашей школе

Great news!
ITCAPITAL now has CERTIFICATES to be awarded for merit (SM promotion to senior and high level) and the certificate will be issued to participants in the IT-Sales Manager course ( from ITCAPITAL SCHOOL!

Отличная новость!
Теперь в ITCAPITAL есть СЕРТИФИКАТЫ которыми будут награждаться за заслуги (повышение карьерного роста SM до Senior и High-Level) а также сертификат будет выдаваться участникам курса IT-Sales Manager ( от ITCAPITAL SCHOOL!
Text blog 17

Artificial intelligence got a sense of smell

????Artificial intelligence got a sense of smell
One of the clearest examples of the intensive development of artificial intelligence technologies has become an AI complex created by specialists from Intel Labs and Cornell University, capable of distinguishing odors and imitating the work of the human olfactory nervous system. The development is based on Intel Loihi neuromorphic processors, combining learning, training and decision-making processes in one chip and allowing the system to be autonomous and "smart" without being connected to the cloud (to the database). In the course of experiments, the complex, designed and equipped with chemical sensors, has demonstrated high efficiency in recognizing odors of hazardous substances in the air, even in conditions of strong interference. Intel is confident that such solutions will help in the development of robotics, when robots will be able to sort products by themselves, focusing on smell, will push the development of environmental monitoring systems, will lead to an increase in labor safety in production and, in general, will give an impetus to the development of the cognitive abilities of silicon processors.

????Искусственный интеллект получил обоняние
Одним из ярчайших примеров интенсивного развития технологий искусственного интеллекта стал созданный специалистами Intel Labs и Корнелльского университета AI-комплекс, способный различать запахи и имитировать работу обонятельной нервной системы человека. В основу разработки легли нейроморфные процессоры Intel Loihi, сочетающие процессы обучения, тренировки и принятия решений в одном чипе и позволяющие системе быть автономной и «сообразительной» без подключения к облаку (к базе данных). В ходе экспериментов спроектированный и оснащённый химическими датчиками комплекс продемонстрировал высокую эффективность при распознавании в воздухе запахов опасных веществ даже в условиях сильных помех. Подобного рода решения, уверены в Intel, помогут в развитии робототехники, когда роботы смогут сами сортировать продукты, ориентируясь на запах, подтолкнут развитие систем слежения за состоянием окружающей среды, приведут к повышению безопасности труда на производстве и в целом дадут толчок к развитию когнитивных способностей кремниевых процессоров.

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