Training for the profession RECRUITER

1 week of training. Certificate. Employment in our IT company remotely. Teaching recruiting skills. Find the right candidates. Conduct interviews. Build a work system.
You can apply the skills of the course
  • Join our company as a Recruiter
    Upon completion of the training, you can become part of our team and help us find the right candidates in our IT Company and in the second real estate company. Work completely remotely with candidates from around the world. English is not needed.
  • Get a job at any other company
    After the course, a wide road opens up for you in many companies because you have recruiting skills, and many companies are looking for such specialists to staff companies with employees, so you will be in demand in the labor market and find a job easier.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge in your own business
    If you are already a manager of a company, or if you work for a company, then you can easily apply new methods and improve the search for personnel in your company. Or if you just work in a company but want to move to the position of a Recruiter - the course will also help you.

Course program

The duration of the course is an average of 1 week
Module 1
Module 1
Introduction and familiarization with companies
In this module, you will get to know the companies and get an introduction to working in your position.
Module 2
Module 2
Workplace preparation
In this module, you will prepare for work and set up your workplace, make accounts and everything you need to work.
Module 3
Module 3
Studying the system of working with vacancies
In this module you will understand how to work in this position with different vacancies.
Module 4
Module 4
Beginning of work
In this module, you will be tested for interviewing, you will also take the first steps in getting started and will already begin to attract candidates and conduct interviews.
Module 5
Module 5
Completion of training
In this module, the supply of concluding information from the training and the transition is already in the work schedule.
international format

What will you learn on the course?

  • 1
    The basics of the profession
  • 2
    Get knowledge
    on the formation of the necessary vacancies
  • 3
    Learn where and how
    look for candidates
  • 4
    Learn how to use your workplace effectively
  • 5
    Explore the system of working with vacancies
  • 6
    Learn how to interview
  • 7
    Learn to ask the right questions
  • 8
    Put all the acquired knowledge into practice
If you wish, you can get a job in our IT company as a RECRUITER with interesting conditions and work with international candidates and a cool team.

What are the steps to get started?

Acquaintance and registration.
You get acquainted with the information about the course and register through our official Chat-Bot to which you will be transferred after filling out the application.
Start learning.
We give you access to the training program and you start learning the profession.
For each task, you can get feedback if necessary or if you have questions from your side.
Completion and employment.
Completion of the course, you get a certificate, if you wish, pass an interview for employment in our company.
...Like any person, but not everyone is able to recognize them and make choices and actions in relation to them (rich people are distinguished by this skill, therefore they are they)

Video reviews

Review from Mariana (Language UA)
Review from Nastya (Language RU)


Podobied Oleh
Founder & CEO
Company ITCAPITAL, IZIHouse, ROBOASIS, author of this course and school of study ITCAPITAL SCHOOL
The course was developed mainly by Podobied Oleh and with the participation of a team of other ITCAPITAL specialists, each of whom did their job with love and the hope that this training program will change someone's life for the better.

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