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A course on sales in the IT field, how to look for international clients, how to work with them, sales techniques, sources on which to look for clients. Upon completion, a Certificate of completion of Sales Manager training is issued + employment in an IT company is possible.
This course teaches how to create automated chat bots in Telegram without programming skills in 1 hour. At the end of the course, you will already have your own chat bot that you will make yourself + skills to create an infinite number of bots.
During the course, you will launch your own international IT company with employees, sales and millions of dollars in profit potential.
A webinar on how to open an IT Company, during which the necessary knowledge will be given to make a decision to open an IT Company.
The training program in the form of a simulator in our courses will teach you this profession.
Recruiter Profession Training Program. Applicable in the field of IT-Companies and in other business areas.
In 2 weeks, master the demanded profession of working with real estate in Ukraine and immediately apply the acquired knowledge in the learning process, as well as your choice to get a job in our company after training or become a private realtor.
A short course from the IZIHouse Real Estate Agency on how to properly prepare a property for rent / sale and launch the right advertisement on more than 40 sources without spending a lot of time on it.
We are already working on creating a new training program
There will be an interesting training program coming soon, we are already working on it.

Partner Courses

from a luxury real estate agency
The course provides practical knowledge about working as a Real Estate Agent. Training based on the experience of an operating luxury real estate agency with 5 years of experience. After the course, there is a possibility of employment in the company.
You will gain knowledge on how to advertise on more than 40 real estate sites + learn how to promote an object in social networks + in instant messengers. Everyone will see your object. As a result: the result - sell/surrender the object faster and possibly more expensive.
School of training from the Agency for elite real estate. Trained in real estate.
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Invite students and get income from $15 for each invited student to ITCAPITAL SCHOOL.
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Philosophy of the School of Learning

Our goal and task is to make knowledge in the field of information technology in Ukraine and in the whole world more accessible, so that young people study technology courses and take the road of the future "which has already come" and develop in this direction, create their own IT startups that conquer the world markets and industries.

We want to contribute to the creation of something big, so that when remembering technologies, they speak not only for Silicon Valley, but also for other countries and places that create the future.

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