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Reviews about ITCAPITAL
  • High quality application and site design and development and great conversation. TY!
    Ruslan Osika
  • Really high-quality SEO and application development, thx!!!
    Maria Rukina
  • High salaries, there is career growth, good quality education at school, a reliable and stable company, an international company, a large team, very kind and good management, a good team.
    Nikita SM (Employee)
  • It is important that partners, customers and contractors hear each other, be able to find a common language and find compromise solutions. The ITCapital team is attentive and responsible in their work.
    Marina Andreychuk
  • When I began to study in depth the activities of the International Company ITCAPITAL (Kiev Ukraine), operating in the information technology (IT) market, I discovered an unexpected Truth - there are no "limits to knowledge" and the human mind. The prophetic verses of the brilliant poet, writer, playwright, historian Alexander Pushkin are remembered as a call from the depths of the 19th century (1829) to our cosmic 21st century!
    Valery Kucherenko
  • I was trained in this company at itcapital school on the site, the it sales manager program, I especially liked it and was surprised at how systematically they approach all processes, learning to work. Everything is so right and understandable. In general, the training was completed and I was satisfied, I lacked this knowledge. Now I work for them in the direction of web development, I am satisfied with the work and with the clients too.
    Alexey P.
  • I completed a course on opening my own IT company at this school in this company, now I have launched my own IT company with the direction of ios / android development. I really liked the training program, everything was in the most accessible language without pathos and incomprehensibility, and most importantly, the knowledge that they give is practical and applicable in life (without water - for me it was the number 1 criterion when choosing courses). I have already hired a development team, and 1 sales work for the CIS and USA. Sales was originally trained in the same company on the IT Sales Manager course, which we were supposed to have as a bonus to this course that I bought. Sales learned normally, but there are still a lot of unsolved questions, but I think this will go away with practice and work experience. In general, I am completely satisfied with both the courses and the company, the company is large and serious, this can be seen immediately. They have the right approach to business. The company is sure the future UNICORN - if it has not already become one. I will recommend!
    Evgeniy Maisel
  • For my business it was necessary to update the site due to the fact that our site is already out of date. I found this developer on UpWork, they professionally approved my idea, and I decided to give them the opportunity to collaborate with me. I also liked their employee, the project manager - he is a competent and smart guy. The site was completed on time and everything was done perfectly, without errors and other shortcomings. Additionally, I ordered website promotion from them in Google. Now the price for the client is very good, so I am glad of such cooperation and would not mind writing a review about this company. ITCAPITAL is the best company I have ever worked with! Another special thanks to their CEO Oleg, a young and progressive guy, a very smart and talented, real businessman. Good luck guys, let's work together!
    Alex Grothe
  • Initially there was deep learning, the company is reliable and stable. I agree with this opinion. High motivation to work, where there are no restrictions in salary. The company's management allows me to implement personal Author's projects on new approaches to attracting clients. This makes me happy and stimulates me to find the most effective solutions. It's nice to work for an innovative company that tries to do the impossible for people. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the management of the company (Oleg Nikolaevich) and my mentor, manager Victoria, for their kindness and responsiveness, which is very important for every person. Cons: There are none.
    Valery K.
  • Trained at ITCAPITAL SCHOOL! Thanks to these people for their support and guidance. Teaching norms is clear and effective. I especially liked the structure of the course where everything is so simple 1st step 2nd step etc. just go and study the information. At first I was just worried that IT was not mine, but it turned out that not everything was as scary as it seemed. So go ahead to conquer a new sphere !!!
    Andrey Stolovoi
  • Passed the IT Sales Manager training course - score 10 out of 10. The first time I came across an ad on Google or Facebook and didn't attach any importance, I don't understand - then I came across the second time and decided to open it to see what was there. I watched the video on the site, read the information about the course about the steps and decided to try it out, passed the registration (I would also like to note that I was pleasantly surprised and paralyzed that the registration goes on its own almost automatically through a chat bot without calls from usually annoying sales managers - this is a big plus). Then he started training. The training took about 8 days, because the stage with the registration of working accounts took a long time. I passed and graduated and received a CERTIFICATE, which I am incredibly happy about and brag to my friends that I was trained in an international company)) Now I am applying the knowledge gained in practice and it helps me a lot to work and find clients in international markets, I work in usa because I know English well and I just like this market + it is very solvent compared to the Ukrainian or Russian market. In general, the company has exactly what to learn.
    I am also planning to take a course with you on how to open my own IT company, because I have been carrying the idea of my own business for a long time, but I don't know where to start, I hope this will help me. With uv. Roman P.
    Roman Pankeev
  • I studied with you at the itcapital school, on the it sales manager course. Of course, this didn't come to me right away, I had never been in IT and was generally far from it, so for me it was like something heavy on the head. The information is new and what is, for example, Web-development or Full Stack - developer - all this was very new to me and I had to delve into the information several times. And where the sales technology itself is in the 3rd and 4th modules, everything was easy and understandable there. For me, this course turned out to be a pleasant test where I tested my strength and, as a result, was not disappointed in myself and in my potential. The information is very valuable and useful. The main thing is that it is clearly structured and created in an understandable language, which is important for an ordinary person who is not from the IT sphere. Today I already had my first contract for marketing services for a customer from Australia. So guys thank you very much, you opened a new road for me))
    Anastasia Sologub
  • IT Sales Manager - - Information about ITCAPITAL
    I was trained in this company for the position of IT Sales Manager, I was satisfied with the depth of knowledge. The learning structure is wise and easy to understand. It took me about 8 days to fully study this course. Now I work with clients. I chose USA because I know English well. The working conditions in the company are also interesting from 10% percent from the client, and these are not small amounts even from one transaction from $ 1000 and more, per month you can think it's good to raise if you work well with clients. I plan to reach an income of at least $ 4,000, but we'll see. Haven't seen any cons yet. My rating is 10 out of 10 solid.
  • Passed courses in this company (Development of Chat-Bots Telegram)
    The course went quickly - the information is clear. Previously, when I did not come across programming and is far from this area. Surprisingly, although I had doubts that it was possible to make my own chat bot without special programming skills - but I did it. I made my first bot, which is now working in order to register my customers in the store.
    Now I got the idea to create my own studio for creating chat bots to order - I looked a little on Google on what chat bots are developing and was surprised for 1 piece from $ 150 to $ 1500, so I realized that it was a profitable business.
  • I ordered an SEO company to optimize the site efficiently and in general with benefit (only 4 months), before the site was far away on a page in Google 4-6 pages, now it shines on 1 page on key issues that interested us most. Our company is happy with your company and we recommend you to our friends. Now you are our friends and come visit us in Florida. Michael (Velo Love & Cycling Studio Miami)...
  • 5+
    Everything is fine, they made me a website for a barber. Set up ads. There are applications. Satisfied. I liked everything at work.
  • I ordered a website - we made a website in 2 weeks, clearly - quickly - accurately - efficiently. Thankful. The responsiveness of the team is at a high level.
  • I studied at ITCAPITAL in their IT School, I liked everything, thank you. I received the certificate, I will use it for employment in the USA.
    Nastya Severina
  • Excellent service! I work with the manager Xenia, TOPOV is aware of the humor and professional support of the client, always help and tell, kindly consider the client and understanding everything from the best words. I kiss and hug Xenia!
  • Very satisfied with the quality of service! A very professional approach. Super support. Few now who work with customers in the market. Super satisfied!
  • Thank you staff!! From personal experience, I realized that it is important not only the desire for cooperation, but also the work of the manager who works with you. We thank Alexey for an individual approach to us, patience and professionalism. The site turned out great!
  • Definitely recommend. Probably my best customer experience ever. Everything is clear, fast, clear. Comfort of communication at the highest level. The knowledge of the staff is top notch. I will definitely recommend the company. Special thanks to the manager Inna!
    Lena Savik
  • A few words about the It Sales Manager course
    1. Pleasant manager, and support at all stages. The friendliness of the whole team.
    2. Good attitude towards the client, meet halfway, appreciate his position
    3. Convenient and interesting learning algorithm. Easy presentation and attention to detail.
    4. It feels like a lot of work has been done on the course.
    I will also write cons, but this is rather a direction of development:
    - The course is too simple, designed for the most unprepared person. I think the audience here is different.
    - few practical tasks
    -unification of everything in one platform - this is not enough.
    -need the possibility of mandatory items, and advisory. This saves time.
    In general, the impressions were positive.
    I wish ITCapital further development and implementation of the most daring projects!

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