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Who is ITCAPITAL, what do we do and who is our visionary?
About our company from the mouth of the CEO
Today ITCAPITAL is already a group of companies specializing in IT technologies. When we first launched ITCAPITAL, our main focus was the development of IT technologies and "ITCAPITAL DEVELOPMENT" software. Now our company includes the IT-school of online learning "ITCAPITAL SCHOOL", then the "ITCAPITAL INVEST" investment fund and the "ITCAPITAL CHARITY" charity fund to help children.

Our mission and goal is to create a company that will develop the world and create new technologies, for this today we are creating a corporation that is focused on the IT field and which includes a group of companies to create its own infrastructure.

Oleg Nikolaevich Podobied
In my understanding there is no word "Impossible" - the story of my life proves this fact once again. Following the same principle, I create my environment and team with the proud ITCAPITAL flag. Our goal is to create the impossible - something that others have not yet created, and to make the world a better and more technological world!

Welcome to ITCAPITAL, you are in the future!

When is the best time to contact ITCAPITAL?

If you need the development of IT technologies (software, ios / android mobile applications, website development, internet promotion, implementation of solutions based on AI or VR / AR).
In addition, if you are looking for an investment, we can help through our investment fund.
In addition, if you want to study in information technology, we have an online school for that.
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