Own IT Company
in 1-2 months!

Online course! Step-by-step training from scratch to your own IT company!

At the end of the training, you will have your own international IT company ready, which you yourself will create anywhere in the world following the steps that our IT-Company ITCAPITAL was created.

Who is the training for?

Ordinary people
To become the owner of an IT company, it is not necessary to be some kind of gifted person - any skills are acquired and everything in life is possible if you want it. We give clear tasks for you to gradually launch your company.
If you are engaged in other business and want to start an IT company, the course will be for you. Our owner, when he launched our IT company, had no experience in the IT business, but was engaged in real estate as the owner of a real estate agency. At the same time, he created the successful ITCAPITAL group of companies.
IT Freelancers
If you are a freelancer, then you definitely need this course to grow from self-employment to creating your own company with a team that will free you from daily development and allow you to deal with strategy, planning, sales, visionary and company development.

What if there is no start-up capital?

We foresaw this when we created the training program and developed three models for launching an IT company
  • Starting a company without financial investments
    This model is fully possible and justified, it is on this model that we launched our own IT company ITCAPITAL IT-Development.
  • Launching an IT Company based on the model with and without an office
    We also foresaw this moment and made a training program so that you can choose for yourself a comfortable model of the company's work with work in the office or completely online without physical attachment around the world to build your company.
  • Launching a company with financial investments and assistance in obtaining investments
    With financial investments, it is a little easier to start a business - so you can use this model if you have your own capital or you can submit your project to our own investment fund ITCAPITAL INVEST FUND

About the course

This training program was developed by analogy with the launch of our international IT Company ITCAPITAL represented by the General Director of the company.
During the course, you will create your own IT Company that will work with international customers and contracts in $ around the world

Course Program Overview

About the course from the CEO of the company



(Average transit time 30-40 days)
Module 1
Module 1
Preparatory module
(Introduction and introduction to the company and course of study)

- Step 1 - Greetings from the founder of the ITCAPITAL group of companies.
- Step 2 - Information on the course of study.
- Step 3 - Recommendations for completing the training program.
- Step 4 - Practical advice and examples of mistakes when opening an IT Company from CEO ITCAPITAL.
- Step 5 - Information from the checklist "why business needs IT services".
Module 2
Module 2
First steps in starting a company
(In this module you will already create the foundation of your future IT Company)

- Step 1 - Recommendations for the passage of this module from the CEO.
- Step 2 - Choosing the specialization of your IT company.
- Step 3 - Selecting the country and market for the IT company.
- Step 4 - How to choose the right company name so that it is technically and legally free.
- Step 5 - Registration of corporate mail.
- Step 6 - Registration of company pages in social networks.
- Step 7 - Registration of the company's domain for the company's website.
- Step 8 - Development of the company logo.
- Step 9 - Proper design of company pages in social networks.
- Step 10 - Development of the company's website.
- Step 11 - Registration of a legal entity and an account for a company, what and how to do it.
- Step 12 - Choosing a model of the company's work - office or online - recommendations.
- Step 13 - Finding an office or stop at work without an office.
- Step 14 - Creating a branded video greeting for the company from you.
- Step 15 - Registration of the company in Google.
- Step 16 - Preparation of infrastructure for the creation of a staff.
- Step 17 - Registration in the CRM system.
- Step 18 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 3
Module 3
Legal part of the company
(In this module, you will get acquainted with the legal aspects of the company, how to register an employee, what contract to conclude, how to formalize relations with a client, open a foreign account and other necessary information + document templates)

- Step 1 - Information on how to arrange employees correctly.
- Step 2 - How and what kind of contract to conclude with a customer (local or foreign).
- Step 3 - How and what kind of contract to conclude with the contractor.
- Step 4 - How to keep confidential information by signing a NDA agreement so that employees / clients do not leak information.
- Step 5 - A package of ready-made template documents for the work of your company (contracts: for employees, for customers, nda-contract, contract with a contractor).
- Step 6 - Setting up contracts for your company.
- Step 7 - Registration of a company in the USA or another country - how to do it, why and contacts.
- Step 8 - Free and remotely open an American bank account with "Bank of America" details to work with foreign customers.
- Step 9 - Optimization of the tax burden at the start of a business.
- Step 10 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 4
Module 4
The system of hiring and building the staff of the company
(In this module, you will learn the principles of building it teams, positions, who is responsible for what in it-development, how to build a team, where and how to find employees, how to attract them, up to ad templates - and you will already hire your first employees)

- Step 1 - Familiarization with the specialties of IT developers.
- Step 2 - The structure of departments and teams that an IT company must consist of in order to work effectively.
- Step 3 - The system of attracting / searching and hiring employees.
- Step 4 - Building a corporate culture on the example of ITCAPITAL culture.
- Step 5 - Hiring full-time IT Sales Managers to search and work with clients.
- Step 6 - Creation of a system of career growth.
- Step 7 - Hiring project managers Project Manager.
- Step 8 - Hiring developers on a model with a zero cost part of the salary.
- Step 9 - Hiring developers on standard terms in the company's staff.
- Step 10 - Hiring a Head of Sales Manager.
- Step 11 - Hiring IT Sales Managers.
- Step 12 - Hiring HR and Recruiters.
- Step 13 - Folder with ad templates to search for employees.
- Step 14 - Conducting interviews with future employees of your company - and how to do this example.
- Step 15 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 5
Module 5
International sales and customer search system
(In this module, you will understand the international customer search system, sales, and also learn all the necessary material for successfully building a Sales department)

- Step 1 - Definition of the target market for the company's work.
- Step 2 - The principle of operation of the Sales department.
- Step 3 - Statistics on the sites where the search for customers takes place.
- Step 4 - The principle of working with it-exchanges and their design for finding customers.
- Step 5 - The system of work in social networks and instant messengers.
- Step 6 - The principle of operation and design of mail and letters.
- Step 7 - Recommendations for working with clients, so that customers are satisfied and you are with money.
- Step 8 - A list of sites and sources on which you will look for clients and the principle of working with these sites.
- Step 9 - Planning and reporting for the sales department.
- Step 10 - The principle of compiling a cold letter to attract customers.
- Step 11 - How to work with the search for companies in Google.
- Step 12 - Learn the technique of working with LinkedIn and algorithms for finding international big clients through this network.
- Step 13 - List of 25+ sources where you can take clients to work (table).
- Step 14 - An example of CPM of customer accounting for sales managers.
- Step 15 - 22 plugins that will help your sellers in their work.
- Step 16 - Training your employees as sales managers at the training school for the IT Sales Manager program - training the first employees for free.
- Step 17 - How technically the client is transferred from the sales department to the development department
- Step 18 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 6
Module 6
System and principle of development of IT projects
(In this module, you will study and understand how IT products are built, what positions are responsible for what during development, in what languages which projects are written and what kind of programmers you need for a particular task)

- Step 1 - A system for calculating the price of developing an IT project (cost part) and generating profit for your company.
- Step 2 - IT Project Development Management (Trello, Jira).
- Step 3 - Control over the development of IT Projects.
- Step 4 - Principles and rules for the development of IT projects.
- Step 5 - Information about project management methods using Scrum and Agile technology.
- Step 6 - Information on frameworks and stack of programming technologies.
- Step 7 - Guide to IT Specialties.
- Step 8 - A guide to IT terms and programmers' vocabulary.
- Step 9 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 7
Module 7
System of main operational tasks
(In this module, you will learn the key tasks that need to be regularly kept in focus in the course of the company's work in order not to lose efficiency)

- Step 1 - Quality control of order fulfillment.
- Step 2 - Important work with your team through regular sessions.
- Step 3 - Regular hiring of people - how and why.
- Step 4 - Regular training of people - how and why.
- Step 5 - Strategy planning system for company development.
- Step 6 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 8
Module 8
Company marketing system
(In this module, you will learn information that will help you more effectively attract customers to your company and manage the company's reputation and influence on the Internet)

- Step 1 - Recommendations from the CEO on the marketing of the company.
- Step 2 - Conducting an advertising campaign in Google.
- Step 3 - SEO Website optimization to get organic traffic.
- Step 4 - Conducting an advertising company on Facebook, Instagram.
- Step 5 - Maintaining corporate YouTube - for what purposes and why.
- Step 6 - Maintaining the company's social networks - how and why.
- Step 7 - Generation of customers through offline events - how to do.
- Step 8 - Work with bloggers.
- Step 9 - Reconciliation of the control stages of the module that needed to be done.
Module 9
Module 9
Completion of training with a ready-made IT company
(This module is the last one, which will complete and consolidate the knowledge gained from this training program, give useful tips and recommendations for more efficient operation of your company and you)

- Step 1 - A checklist that concludes the key stages of learning.
- Step 2 - The key actions that your IT company should consist of at the time of completion of the training.
- Step 3 - Recommendations for the growth and scaling of your company.
- Step 4 - Recommendations of books read and recommended by CEO "ITCAPITAL"
- Step 5 - Video congratulations from CEO "ITCAPITAL"
- Step 6 - Completion of training with your personal ready-made IT-Company, with a staff of people, a system and a willingness to work in international markets.

theme opening
IT Companies

Webinar duration 1 hour 30 minutes
which will provide answers to many
issues related to opening
own IT business. Webinar
help you make a more accurate decision.
to open an IT company.

Tuition fees for the course

( €249 )
( €499 )
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( €1999 )
Register now and get a BONUS to the package +1 place to train your first sales managers in our school on the course IT Sales Manager - International Sales.
Support Manager at ITCAPITAL


Podobied Oleh
Founder & CEO
Company ITCAPITAL, IZIHouse, ROBOASIS, author of this course and school of study ITCAPITAL SCHOOL
The course was developed mainly by Podobied Oleh and with the participation of a team of other ITCAPITAL specialists, each of whom did their job with love and the hope that this training program will change someone's life for the better.

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Participant feedback
Danil Pankeev
Course participant
Hello colleagues! The course passed, I liked it, only I had a problem that I was still studying at the university and it was a little difficult to combine, so it took longer than the time specified in the program. But in the end, as a result, I launched an outsourcing IT company in the direction of WEB, pulled up my classmates from the university, they became my first developers, now they have already taken orders for the development of sites in the CIS on Word Press, so far everything is cool and excellent. I signed up the first employee for a course from itcapital on training in international sales so that he learned how to sell and he generated these first orders for sites, so I am satisfied and can safely recommend 5+ out of 5.
Course participant
I am a participant in the ITCAPITAL course on opening my company and I am writing this review as a token of gratitude and responsiveness to the support and CEO of your company, all the cool guys and all the great fellows! I have wanted my own business for a long time, but I couldn't figure out where to start and what kind of business to start, because this is a very responsible step. I found your course on Google using your advertisement and went to the site, got interested and became your client. For me, this was more of an impetus to my business and an incentive to start moving and making my own company. The knowledge that I learned from the course helped me a lot, firstly, you have it very strongly structured, I have never seen such a clear learning structure anywhere, so that step by step, there is a logical chain, everything is essentially and without water - and I know what I'm talking about because I have gone through more than a dozen courses in my life, including IT. I launched the company exactly according to your steps and tasks from the training program, chose the direction of mobile application development as recommended to me. I have already interviewed and formed a sales department, which already has 2 sales managers and a development department, which includes a project manager, a UI / UX designer, a tester, a Python developer, a back-end developer and a front-end developer, and we are still getting other necessary ones. So far, so in small steps, but as the number of orders increases, we will get people. I also want to immediately hire the head of the sales department, as you recommended. The market was immediately chosen by the USA so as not to waste time on trifles, and besides, I know English well and I know this market because I lived there when I studied for several years, and I myself am from Kyiv! In general, I really liked the course and, most importantly, it was useful for me, because now I have my own IT company, which is very cool, modern and proud in front of my friends and family - everyone is very happy for me. Thank you friends for your support during the course. I will definitely recommend you!
Artem Piskunov
Course participant
The course is normal, I opened my own IT company. We work for Canada, we do online business promotion (SEO, Google ads, SMM). Everything was clear in the training. We have already reached profitability (it turned out to be as easy as shelling pears when we understood the algorithm of work). Wait for us soon in Forbes))
Your general director Oleg Nikolaevich is a smart person and a great fellow who creates all this, your school, charitable foundation, investment fund - I have a lot to learn from him and a lot besides what I already know based on the course. Wise classy person. In short, your itcapit.com is the coolest IT company or group of companies or whatever you call it - [_You ALL are great!] C++))))

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