Webinar on the topic
"Opening your own IT-Company"

At the webinar, we will tell you who is suitable and who will be able to open their own IT business. The webinar will give you the necessary information after which you will be able to make an accurate decision on opening your own IT-Company.
We invite you to a webinar on the topic "How to open an IT Company?" | ITCAPITAL

Who is the training for?

Ordinary people
To become the owner of an IT company, it is not necessary to be some kind of gifted person - any skills are acquired and everything in life is possible if you want it. We give clear tasks for you to gradually launch your company.
If you are engaged in another business and want to start an IT company, the course will be useful for you, because on it you will learn all the intricacies of the sphere, as well as receive specific tasks, during the implementation of which you can launch your own IT company.
IT Freelancers
If you are a freelancer, then you definitely need this course to grow from self-employment to creating your own company with a team that will free you from daily development and allow you to deal with strategy, planning, sales, visionary and company development.

About the webinar?

The 1 hour 30 minute webinar was created to educate and explain information to people who want to create their own IT business, namely to launch an IT company. The webinar will answer many very important questions, such as how to open an IT company? do you need an office? Do you need start-up capital? where to look for clients? how to find clients? in which country to register and open a company? and many other important information about which you will learn at this webinar.
A unique opportunity will be open for you at your discretion to start a month-long training in which you will definitely build your IT Company. The training will include unique options where you can have the opportunity to communicate with the CEO of ITCAPITAL, get advice and practical recommendations. There will also be a unique opportunity to open an IT Company in partnership with our IT Company, where we become your partner and help you develop your business.
Brief overview and presentation of training on video:

About the course from the CEO of the company



(The cost of participation in the webinar is symbolic and amounts to)

USD - 200$

USD - 10$


Podobied Oleh
Founder & CEO
Company ITCAPITAL, IZIHouse, ROBOASIS, author of this course and school of study ITCAPITAL SCHOOL
The course was developed mainly by Podobied Oleh and with the participation of a team of other ITCAPITAL specialists, each of whom did their job with love and the hope that this training program will change someone's life for the better.

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