Course on creating chat bots in Telegram

Without programming skills, in 1 hour, you can create an infinite number of bots.
On the course, you will learn the basics of creating chat bots, understand how bots are built, teams are formed and automatic dialogues with the user are placed. You will learn how to understand bots and create your own bot at the end of the course and then you can create an infinite number of them for yourself and your business, or make a business out of this and sell them to order.
About the Telegram Chatbot Development Course
Apply Skills
  • Chatbot as a Startup
    Having created your own interesting chat bot, you can monetize it and earn money from it.
  • Implement a bot in your business
    You can create your own bot in your business that will communicate with the clients of your business.
  • Design to order
    You can advertise yourself as a bot developer and create custom bots for other businesses and make money on it. (Price of 1 bot from $100 to $1000+)


Podobied Oleh
Founder & CEO
Company ITCAPITAL, IZIHouse, ROBOASIS, author of this course and school of study ITCAPITAL SCHOOL
The course was developed mainly by Podobied Oleh and with the participation of a team of other ITCAPITAL specialists, each of whom did their job with love and the hope that this training program will change someone's life for the better.

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Course Curator
(The course was created with the support of IT-Company ITCAPITAL)

Chatbot example
created on the course

This chatbot was created on this course - now it helps us in registering participants in our school training programs.
You can use it and test it in order to more accurately understand what is at stake. This is one of the types of bots - they can be created with absolutely any functionality that your imagination allows.

Course program

The duration of the course is on average up to 3 hours
Module 1
Module 1
Course Introduction and Introduction
In this module, you will receive background information that you will need to better understand the course of study.
Module 2
Module 2
Creating a chat bot
In this module, you will receive practical information on creating a chat bot, as well as create your own bot according to the instructions. In the training of this module, follow the steps strictly so as not to get confused and study each step carefully.
Module 3
Module 3
Completion of training
This module is the final one in this training, and contains useful information that you will need later in your daily use.
At this stage, if necessary, you can consult with our sales or development specialist.

Course price

(Cost for the full training program in one of the three currencies)

USD - 100$ | EURO - 100€

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