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In 2 weeks, master the demanded profession of working with real estate in Ukraine and immediately apply the acquired knowledge in the learning process, as well as your choice to get a job in our company after training or become a private realtor.

Invitation to study from CEO

What will you learn on the course?

  • 1
    Learn the basics of the Realtor profession and how it works
  • 2
    Learn the basics of working with property owners
  • 3
    Gain knowledge about marketing and real estate promotion
  • 4
    Learn how to interact with clients and select properties for them
  • 5
    Learn how to show properties to clients
  • 6
    Learn how to work with documents and contracts
  • 7
    Learn the legal and tax base
  • 8
    Start working with your first clients at the stage of the training course
About the course
This is a unique online course where you will learn one of the sought-after and highly paid professions in 7 days and will be able to earn money on your property and provide for yourself and your loved ones.

The course was developed according to the author's methodology by the Agency for Elite Real Estate IZIHouse. This contains information that the company trains staff within the company as well as external realtors

The program contains the successful experience of the company in the market for more than 5 years with the result of more than 5,000 transactions and an agency commission turnover of several million

Video about the course from the Director of the IZIHouse Real Estate Agency

Video information about the course "Real Estate Agent" from the CEO of the company
Free lesson
To decide whether the profession of a Realtor or our training program is right for you, watch the free content on the webinar right now! Or register for the full version if you are sure! The training version is available so far only in Ukrainian/Russian.

Who is the course for?

Interested in job search
The course will help to master the demanded profession of a Realtor. Learn real estate skills professionally. You can apply these skills to work for yourself or get a job in our company. With a free schedule and high income.
For those who want to start a business
The course will help to form the correct professional knowledge and skills in working with real estate, marketing, clients, documents and, in general, how to make money in this market in this profession. You can transform these skills into business and open your own Real Estate Agency.
For a private entrepreneur
If you worked as a freelancer or had your own small business where you worked for yourself without superiors, then real estate activity can become the main field of activity for you. You will work for yourself with a free work schedule, not obey anyone and form your own vision of working conditions and at the same time earn big money.
What is taught in the course?
They learn how to work as a Real Estate Agent (the second name of the profession: realtor / broker / real estate manager) and make money on it - namely, how to find clients, how to advertise real estate professionally, on what sources to advertise for the greatest efficiency, how to negotiate with clients, how to conduct real estate showings, how to work with documents (what documents and where are needed, what taxes, how to draw up contracts and deposits) and other knowledge that will be needed in the work to work successfully.

We will fully equip you with everything you need from knowledge to tools, so that you are already at the training stage already working with the first clients and, as a result, making money on it.

What does the course provide?
The course provides practical knowledge about working as a Real Estate Agent.

This information allows the student of our school to work for himself or work in our company.

– Training based on the experience of an operating luxury real estate agency with 6 years of experience.
– After the course there is an opportunity
employment in the company.
– Support from people who earn
from $ 2000 at all stages of training.
- Degree in Real Estate Agent.
- Already during the training you can
get started and get first
– Document templates and
tax information.


(The duration of the course is on average 8-14 days, depending on your pace of passage)
Module 1
(1 day)
Module 1
(1 day)
Block 1 - Immersion in the essence of the profession and the market
A complete understanding of the real estate market, types of properties and clients, income generation and types of transactions. Here you will understand for yourself the exact definition of the profession of an agent, his tasks and responsibilities, and also get acquainted with the luxury real estate market.
Module 2
(2-3 days)
Module 2
(2-3 days)
Block 2 - Communication with property owners
We will learn how to work with property owners, search for properties, sort properties, determine the market price and negotiate correctly.
Module 3
(3-4 days)
Module 3
(3-4 days)
Block 3 - Advertising and customer acquisition
How to make effective advertising of real estate and attract buyers and tenants to it. Analysis of advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and many other sites. Marketplaces and specialized real estate sites. How to make effective and competitive advertising.
Module 4
(4 day)
Module 4
(4 day)
Block 4 - Interaction with clients for the selection of real estate
Communication with clients for the selection of real estate. Identification of needs, communication by phone, agreement on commission and guarantee of a good result. We will also study security measures when working with real estate objects.
Module 5
(5 day)
Module 5
(5 day)
Block 5 - Real estate showing
Proper presentation of real estate. The structure, features of the show, how to meet clients and owners, what to bring with you and what you need to be prepared for.
Module 6
(6 day)
Module 6
(6 day)
Block 6 - Working with documents
All types and features of contracts, how to fill in, receipts, tax base in transactions with real estate. We will give all templates of contracts and information on how to protect yourself from non-payment of commission.
Module 7
(7 day)
Module 7
(7 day)
Block 7 - Task for getting the first results
Here you will receive tasks for the future. Performing them regularly, you can ensure rapid growth and achieve a good result.
Format and duration of the course?
These are daily lessons for 7 days in an automatic format, so you can choose a convenient time for taking the course.

Training is in the format: "video lessons - information - tests - practice - result - work - reward".

Moreover, our students receive consulting support from our company on an ongoing basis.
Passing training from anywhere in the world online.
Flexible schedule
Time / Day / Month of training - you choose yourself. You can pause.
You have support from the curator in the chat to whom you can always write a question.
2 weeks training
During this time you will learn the profession of Realtor!
Working without a boss
After training, you can work for yourself and shape your work yourself!
After training, you can work in our company IZIHouse if you want!
How much does a Realtor earn?
The average for the Ukrainian market, our Agency and our students at school.
88.300 UAH
Average commission and realtor income per month
This is the number of successful transactions with a realtor per month
31.000 UAH
Average commission amount from 1 successfully closed transaction
Salary data from a job search engine
Average salary in Ukraine.
Student indicators for 2019-2024
Our goal is to train 2000 participants in the course from 2019 to 2024
Progress 1670/2000
Statistics of monthly income of course students 1000$+
Work experience 4 months+
Participants who reached an income level of $4000+ per month
Work experience 12 months+
At the end of the training, you will be issued a diploma confirming that you have completed training at the IZIHouse Real Estate Agency!


Podobied Oleh
Founder & CEO
Companies ITCAPITAL, IZIHouse, ROBOASIS, author of this course and school of study ITCAPITAL SCHOOL
The course was developed mainly by Oleg Nikolaevich and with the participation of a team of other ITCAPITAL company specialists and IZIHouse real estate agency, who each did their job with love and the hope that this training program will change someone's life for the better.

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Компания IZIHouse
Luxury real estate agency in Ukraine
IZIHouse is a group of companies which includes: 1. IZIHouse elite real estate agency. 2. School of real estate training IZIHouse School. 3. Franchise from the Real Estate Agency. We have been working since 2017. We know the market and its features. We love our clients and our work. We follow our own paved innovative road.
Tuition fee
(Payment is made one time)
Package "Employment"
Training package for 1 person
Full training 14 days

Chat curator support


Contract templates for work


Employment in our Real Estate Agency

Support for the head of the company after training

Systematic work under the company's brand

Work outside the office

Everything you need to work and earn

You receive part of the commission from the transaction half (50%)
Don't know which package to choose?
If you do not know which package to choose, then do not worry, during the training process you can change the version of the Training Package to the one that suits you. Therefore, you can start training with the Standard Package and in the process of training, if necessary, replace it with the Employment Package.

Check out the package differences:
Options List
Package "Standard"
Package "Employment"
  • Full training 14 days
  • Chat curator support in training
  • Diploma upon completion of studies
  • Contract templates for work
  • Homework during training
  • Free work schedule
  • Independence from management and company
  • Work for yourself
  • Work outside the office
  • Everything you need to work and earn
  • Employment in our Real Estate Agency
  • Support for the head of the company after training
  • Systematic work according to the schedule under the brand of the company
  • You receive part of the commission from the transaction (half - 50%)
  • You take the entire commission for yourself (all 100% of the money)

Reviews about the course Realtor

Video reviews

Feedback from student Nadezhda
Feedback from student
Feedback from student Illya
Feedback from student Nadia
Free lesson
To decide whether the profession of a Realtor or our training program is right for you, watch the free content on the webinar right now! Or register for the full version if you are sure! The training version is available so far only in Ukrainian/Russian.

Our useful videos about the activities of the Realtor


BONUSES when paying today

- Diploma - on the completion of the training program "Real Estate Agent".

- Support - the first month in a chat with our expert or manager.

- Templates of documents - (contracts, acts, deposits, contracts for the provision of services, etc.) - that you will need in your work.

– Useful contacts – such as (lawyers, notaries, photographers, BTI, marketers and other necessary connections)

- 5% discount on the IZIHouse Real Estate Franchise to open your own real estate business.
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